Autonomous Shuttles in Las Vegas

Torc Robotics (an autonomous vehicle company) is partnering with transdev (an international public transport company) to deploy a fleet of self-driving vehicles throughout the Las Vegas area. These shuttles are being deployed to assist commuters in reaching other public transport such as trains and buses.

The vehicle named the i-Cristal was announced at the Consumers Electronics Show 2019 (CES) on Monday. The vehicle can seat up to sixteen passengers.

The goal of this project is to integrate the vehicles into the transdev transportation network. which operates in twenty countries and services over ten million people daily. In a statement from Yann Leriche Transdev’s North American branch CEO, he says “We believe that public transport will lead and be the first place real autonomous services will be developed.”

I believe that this may be an important first step in the integration of autonomous vehicles into the everyday lives of people. Should this project become successful it will allow for a steady platform for the launch of autonomous vehicles everywhere.



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